What is Air Turbo on a Washing Machine?

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What Is Air Turbo on a Washing Machine?

If you own a modern washing machine, chances are you’ve come across a feature called “Air Turbo” on the control panel. But what exactly does Air Turbo mean, and how does it work? Let’s dive into the world of laundry technology and uncover the wonders of Air Turbo.

Air Turbo is a special function found in most top-load washing machines from reputable manufacturers. When activated, Air Turbo opens designated vents in the washer’s lid, allowing more air to circulate during the drying process. Simultaneously, the washer starts a rapid spin cycle, which helps eliminate as much moisture as possible from the clothes. The result is that when you take your clothes out of the washer, they still retain enough moisture for easy ironing. Air Turbo provides a faster drying option compared to standard tumble and spin dry settings, making it an excellent choice for those looking to streamline their laundry routine.

Air Turbo vs. Dryer

While Air Turbo is a convenient feature for speeding up the drying process, it’s essential to understand that it does not achieve the same level of dryness as a standard dryer. Dryers use heat to completely evaporate moisture from clothes, leaving them free of any wetness. On the other hand, Air Turbo aims to remove as much moisture as possible but doesn’t fully dry the laundry. The advantage of Air Turbo lies in its flexibility, allowing users to choose between different duration options for the drying cycle. Most models offer settings like 15, 30, and 45 minutes, giving you control over how long the washer runs during the Air Turbo cycle.

How To Start an Air Turbo Cycle

Each washing machine model may have a different method of starting the Air Turbo cycle. Some machines have a dedicated Air Turbo button on the control panel, allowing you to cycle through the various duration options available. Others require you to select the dry spin setting before navigating to the Air Turbo function. To find out how to operate the Air Turbo feature on your specific washing machine, refer to the user manual provided by the manufacturer. With the right knowledge and the Air Turbo function at your fingertips, you can now make your laundry routine more efficient and convenient.


The Air Turbo feature in washing machines is a game-changer for those who seek faster drying times and convenient laundry management. By allowing more air circulation and employing a rapid spin cycle, Air Turbo helps reduce moisture from your clothes, making them ideal for ironing or hanging to air dry. While it may not achieve the same dryness as a standard dryer, the flexibility it offers in choosing duration options makes it a valuable addition to any top-load washer. As technology continues to improve, the Air Turbo function is one more step towards simplifying our lives and enhancing our laundry experience.


Q1: Can front-load washers have an Air Turbo feature?

As of now, the Air Turbo feature is primarily found in top-load washers. The design and programming of front-load washers make it challenging to incorporate the Air Turbo function, as it requires the opening of several vents, which could pose a safety hazard.

Q2: Does Air Turbo remove all moisture from the clothes?

While Air Turbo aims to eliminate as much moisture as possible, it does not completely dry the laundry. Some dampness may still be present, which is why you can choose different duration options to suit your drying needs.

Q3: Can I use Air Turbo for delicate fabrics?

Yes, Air Turbo is gentle on most fabrics, including delicate ones. It helps prevent excessive wear and tear on the garments while efficiently removing moisture.

Q4: How long does an Air Turbo cycle last?

The duration of an Air Turbo cycle depends on the model and settings you choose. Most washers offer options like 15, 30, and 45 minutes, allowing you to customize the drying time.

Q5: Can I use Air Turbo for all types of laundry loads?

Air Turbo is suitable for most laundry loads, but it may not be ideal for heavily soiled or oversized items. For such loads, you may want to use other drying methods, like a standard dryer.

Q6: Does Air Turbo save energy compared to a dryer?

Yes, Air Turbo can save energy compared to a standard dryer since it uses air circulation rather than heat to remove moisture. However, for completely dry clothes, a dryer may still be necessary.

Q7: Can I use Air Turbo in combination with other drying methods?

Yes, you can use Air Turbo in combination with other drying methods. For example, you can use Air Turbo to remove most of the moisture and then hang the clothes to air dry for the finishing touch.

Q8: Does Air Turbo cause wrinkles in the clothes?

Air Turbo is designed to minimize wrinkles and wear on clothes during the drying process. It circulates the air gently to prevent unnecessary friction, helping to keep your garments looking fresh and wrinkle-free.


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