How to Clear the DE Error in LG Washing Machine

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LG washing machines are known for their advanced features and efficient performance, making laundry tasks a breeze for users. However, like any complex appliance, they may encounter errors from time to time, disrupting their normal functioning. One common error that LG washing machine owners may encounter is the DE error, which can be quite perplexing. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the DE error on LG washing machines, understanding its meaning and exploring the possible reasons behind its occurrence. We will provide step-by-step solutions to clear the DE error and ensure that your LG washing machine runs smoothly again, without any interruptions.

What is the DE Error on LG Washing Machines?

Understanding the DE Error

The DE error on an LG washing machine stands for “Door Error” or “Lid Error.” When this error occurs, the washing machine’s control panel displays the DE error code, indicating that there is an issue with the door or lid of the machine. The error is triggered when the door or lid is not properly closed or when the washing machine’s sensor does not detect that the door is securely shut.

Possible Causes of the DE Error

Several factors can lead to the DE error on an LG washing machine:

  1. Door/Lid Misalignment: If the door or lid is not aligned correctly with the washing machine’s body, it may not close properly, triggering the DE error.
  2. Door/Lid Switch Fault: The washing machine is equipped with a door/lid switch that signals the control panel when the door is closed. If this switch is faulty or malfunctioning, it can result in the DE error.
  3. Foreign Objects: Sometimes, small objects or debris may get lodged around the door/lid area, preventing it from closing fully and causing the DE error.
  4. Worn Out Components: Over time, the door/lid hinges or latch components may wear out, leading to issues with door closure and the DE error.

How to Clear the DE Error on LG Washing Machines?

To clear the DE error on your LG washing machine, follow these troubleshooting steps:

  1. Check Door/Lid Alignment: Ensure that the door or lid is properly aligned with the washing machine’s body. Close the door/lid firmly and ensure that it latches securely.
  2. Remove Obstructions: Inspect the door/lid area for any foreign objects, such as small garments or debris. Remove any obstructions that may be preventing the door/lid from closing properly.
  3. Restart the Washing Machine: If the DE error is triggered due to a temporary glitch, restarting the washing machine may clear the error code. Turn off the machine, unplug it from the power source, wait for a few minutes, and then plug it back in. Restart the machine and check if the error is resolved.
  4. Check the Door/Lid Switch: Test the door/lid switch to ensure that it is functioning correctly. You can use a multimeter to check for continuity in the switch when the door/lid is closed. If the switch is faulty, consider replacing it with a new one.
  5. Inspect Hinges and Latch Components: Examine the door/lid hinges and latch components for any signs of wear or damage. If you notice any issues, consider replacing the worn-out components to ensure proper door closure.
  6. Contact Customer Support: If the DE error persists after performing the above steps, it is recommended to contact LG customer support or seek assistance from a certified technician for further diagnosis and repair.

By following these troubleshooting steps, you can effectively clear the DE error on your LG washing machine and enjoy uninterrupted laundry cycles.


The DE error on an LG washing machine may seem daunting, but with the solutions provided in this guide, you can tackle the issue confidently. Remember to check the door/lid alignment, remove any obstructions, and test the door/lid switch. If necessary, consider inspecting and replacing worn-out components. If the error persists, do not hesitate to seek professional help to ensure your LG washing machine operates flawlessly.


  1. What does the DE error mean on my LG washing machine? The DE error stands for “Door Error” or “Lid Error,” indicating an issue with the door or lid not being properly closed.
  2. Why is my LG washing machine displaying the DE error? The DE error can be triggered by door/lid misalignment, a faulty door/lid switch, foreign objects blocking proper closure, or worn-out components.
  3. Can I continue using the washing machine with the DE error? It is not advisable to continue using the washing machine with the DE error, as it may cause safety issues and further damage to the machine.
  4. How do I check the door/lid switch on my LG washing machine? You can use a multimeter to test the door/lid switch for continuity when the door/lid is closed.
  5. Can I fix the DE error myself, or do I need professional help? You can attempt to troubleshoot and fix minor issues that may trigger the DE error. However, if the error persists or if you are unsure about the problem, it is best to seek professional help to avoid any further complications.
  6. Is the DE error covered under warranty? The warranty coverage for the DE error depends on the specific terms and conditions of your LG washing machine’s warranty. Check your warranty documentation or contact LG customer support for more information.
  7. How often should I check the door/lid alignment? It is a good practice to periodically check the door/lid alignment to ensure proper closure and prevent the DE error.
  8. Can a power surge cause the DE error? Yes, a power surge or electrical glitch can cause temporary issues with the door/lid switch, triggering the DE error. Restarting the washing machine may resolve the error in such cases.

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