How to Only Dry Clothes in LG Automatic Washing Machine

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LG automatic washing machines are designed to not only wash your clothes efficiently but also provide various drying options. However, there might be instances when you only want to dry your clothes without going through the entire washing cycle again. In this article, we will guide you on how to only dry clothes in an LG automatic washing machine, saving time and energy while achieving perfectly dry garments.

Understanding the Drying Modes in LG Automatic Washing Machines

LG automatic washing machines typically offer two primary drying modes: “Dry Only” and “Wash & Dry.” The “Dry Only” mode allows you to solely dry your clothes without any washing involved. On the other hand, the “Wash & Dry” mode completes both washing and drying cycles in one go. For scenarios where you only need to dry your clothes after washing them separately, the “Dry Only” mode is the ideal choice.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using the “Dry Only” Mode

  1. Prepare the Clothes: Ensure that the clothes you want to dry are clean and have already been washed using a regular washing machine or by hand.
  2. Load the Clothes: Open the door of your LG automatic washing machine and load the clothes you want to dry. Make sure not to overload the machine, as it may affect the drying performance.
  3. Select the “Dry Only” Mode: On the washing machine’s control panel, look for the “Dry Only” mode. It is typically represented by an icon resembling a raindrop or cloud. Select this mode to initiate the drying process.
  4. Choose the Drying Time: Depending on the model of your LG washing machine, you may have the option to adjust the drying time. Select the appropriate drying time based on the fabric and the amount of moisture in the clothes.
  5. Start the Drying Cycle: After setting the drying time, press the start button to begin the drying cycle. The washing machine will now start drying the clothes using a combination of heat and air circulation.
  6. Check and Remove the Clothes: Once the drying cycle is complete, open the washing machine’s door and check the clothes. They should now be dry and ready to wear or fold.

Benefits of Using the “Dry Only” Mode

  • Time-Saving: The “Dry Only” mode allows you to quickly dry your clothes without the need for another washing cycle.
  • Energy-Efficient: By using the “Dry Only” mode, you save energy as the machine only focuses on drying rather than washing and drying.
  • Convenience: Drying clothes separately using the “Dry Only” mode is more convenient, especially when you have only a few garments to dry.
  • No Additional Detergent: Since you’re not running a full washing cycle, you don’t need to add detergent, saving detergent costs.
  • Preserves Fabric Quality: The “Dry Only” mode is gentle on fabrics, helping to preserve the quality and longevity of your clothes.


The “Dry Only” mode in LG automatic washing machines provides a convenient and energy-efficient way to dry your clothes without the need for another full washing cycle. By following the step-by-step guide above, you can efficiently dry your clothes, saving time and resources while maintaining the quality of your garments. So the next time you have freshly washed clothes that need drying, make use of the “Dry Only” mode in your LG automatic washing machine for optimal results.


1. Can I use the “Dry Only” mode for all types of fabrics? Yes, you can use the “Dry Only” mode for most types of fabrics. However, for delicate or sensitive fabrics, it is best to check the garment’s care label for specific drying instructions.

2. How long does the “Dry Only” mode take to dry clothes? The drying time in the “Dry Only” mode may vary depending on the fabric type and the amount of moisture in the clothes. Typically, it takes around 30 minutes to an hour.

3. Can I use the “Dry Only” mode for a large load of clothes? While you can use the “Dry Only” mode for larger loads, it is essential not to overload the machine to ensure efficient drying.

4. Can I add fabric softener during the “Dry Only” mode? No, fabric softener should be added during the regular washing cycle and not during the “Dry Only” mode.

5. Can I interrupt the drying cycle if I need to check the clothes? Yes, most LG automatic washing machines allow you to pause the drying cycle to check the clothes. After checking, you can resume the cycle if needed.

6. Will using the “Dry Only” mode shrink my clothes? No, the “Dry Only” mode in LG washing machines is designed to be gentle on fabrics and will not cause significant shrinkage in properly washed and dried clothes.

7. Can I use the “Dry Only” mode for heavily soiled clothes? The “Dry Only” mode is not intended for heavily soiled clothes. It is best to wash heavily soiled clothes using the regular washing cycle before using the “Dry Only” mode for drying.

8. Can I dry different fabric types together using the “Dry Only” mode? It is generally safe to dry different fabric types together using the “Dry Only” mode. However, be cautious when mixing delicate fabrics with heavier fabrics to avoid any potential damage.

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