How to Wear a Washing Machine Cover for 6.5 kg

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A washing machine is an essential appliance in every household, and it’s important to take care of it to ensure its longevity and efficient performance. One way to protect your washing machine is by using a washing machine cover. A washing machine cover acts as a protective shield, safeguarding your machine from dust, dirt, scratches, and other potential damages. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of wearing a washing machine cover for a 6.5 kg washing machine to keep it in pristine condition.

Step 1: Choose the Right Cover Size

Before purchasing a washing machine cover, it’s crucial to measure your 6.5 kg washing machine’s dimensions accurately. Most covers come in standard sizes that fit different models, but it’s best to ensure a proper fit for your specific machine. Measure the height, width, and depth of your washing machine, and select a cover that provides a snug fit. A well-fitting cover will offer better protection and prevent the cover from slipping off during use.

Step 2: Clean the Washing Machine

Before wearing the cover, make sure your washing machine is clean and dry. Wipe off any dust or dirt on the surface, especially around the control panel and top surface. A clean machine will ensure that no debris gets trapped between the cover and the machine, which can scratch the surface. Additionally, a clean machine will make the cover fit better and look more appealing.

Step 3: Place the Cover on the Washing Machine

Once you have the right-sized cover and your washing machine is clean, it’s time to wear the cover. Start by placing the cover on top of the machine, ensuring that it aligns properly with the control panel and the edges of the machine. Gently pull the cover down to cover the entire washing machine, making sure it fits snugly around the sides and corners. Some covers come with elasticized edges or straps that you can use to secure the cover in place. If your cover has such features, use them to ensure a tight and secure fit.


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