How to Use Electrolux Washing Machine Top Loader 6.5 kg

By sarvottam

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Are you the proud owner of a brand new Electrolux ET65EAUDG 6.5 kg fully automatic top load washing machine? Congratulations! Now you must be wondering how to use this sleek and efficient appliance to get the best results for your laundry. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of using your Electrolux washing machine, so you can achieve clean and fresh clothes every time.

Step 1: Read the User Manual

Before diving into the operation of your new washing machine, take some time to read the user manual thoroughly. The user manual is a valuable resource that provides important information about the features, functions, and care instructions for your Electrolux washing machine. It will help you understand the various settings, options, and precautions you need to consider while using the machine.

Step 2: Connect the Machine to Power and Water Supply

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the user manual, it’s time to set up your washing machine. Start by connecting the machine to a power source and water supply. Plug in the power cord to a properly grounded electrical outlet. Make sure to use the provided water inlet hose to connect the washing machine to a water source. Ensure that the water supply is turned on and the hose is securely connected to both the washing machine and the water source.

Step 3: Sorting the Laundry

Before loading the clothes into the washing machine, sort them according to their color, fabric type, and level of soiling. Separate whites, light colors, and dark colors to prevent color bleeding. Additionally, separate delicate fabrics from heavier ones to prevent damage during the washing process.


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