"Man is goal seeking animal. His life only has meaning if he is reaching out and striving for his goals."

Learning Resources and Mechanism

SITM inculcates conceptual and technical skills in students through a teaching methodology based on lectures, Case Studies, Presentations, Mock Interviews, Seminars, Group Discussions, Projects, Assignment, Quizzes, etc. well supplemented by overhead projectors, LCD projectors and audio visual display. Laboratories provide hands on experience. State of the art Laboratories have been set up in each department with modern equipments, machines etc to develop strong practical skills of the students. SITM has Microsoft Certified Labs with the setup of Network Simulators (NS-2,OPNET,QUALNET,MATLAB), Autodesk AutoCAD 3D Surface Modelling, Catia.


The workshops a t SITM, have an excellent collection of tools and implements that can facilitate even intensive project works. In addition SITM is procuring new tools and other equipments as and when necessary.


Regular class lecture are arranged on each subjects by well qualified an experienced regular/visiting faculty members.


The exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge helps to inculcate the awareness of the latest technology in students.

Group Discussion

The group discussion form a regular feature of the teaching methodology where students, in a group of six to eight, discuss various topics related to their field and also about current affairs.

PDP Classes

Regular session for personality development are conducted .Their proficiency is reinforced through the sessions by emphasizing development of the interactive, creative and analytical skills.


Students are given assignments for which they require to collect material and a write-up within the specified time duration for submitting it to the concerned faculty.


Quizzes are arranged weekly, consisting of questions form the subject taught in a semester of general awareness and business round up and etc.


Students are motivated to undertake certain projects related to their branches .Brainstorming session are conduct by the senior faculty members to help them to generate execute and implement such projects.

Continuous Assessments

Continuous assessment is made through classroom participations, class assignments, semester presentations, quizzes, class Test.

Case Studies

Case Studies are done by the students under the guidance of respected faulty members.

Mock Interviews

To make familiar with the placement interviews, students go through the mock interviews to present themselves in a professional way.
Campus interviews have been conducted by the following companies in the past session
College location
  Plot No. 6, Techzone IV, Noida Extn.,
G.B. Nagar, Noida-201306 (U.P)
(10 Minutes Drive from Noida City Centre)
  +91 8800392711, +91 8800392713,
About sitm

SITM is an educational oasis located in a lush green and a serene environment at Plot no. 6, Techzone IV, Noida Extn. Over 10-acres campus is exclusively meant for its Engineering and Management programmes.

The Institute believes in holistic development of its students for which sincere efforts are made by the faculty members, staffs and the management.

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