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Training and Placement Program
Sep 30,2015 by Admin
Training and Placement Program

The life and phase outside the college is totally different for every student. After the completion of study everyone search for their next step. Some planned go abroad for higher studies, some planned to carry forward their family business and rest of the others wait for their jobs. This job hunt is really a very big struggle, time passes but relevant jobs were not approached every time by everyone. As it the time of recession, so to getting a job in the field is very difficult as no company will take risk by hiring freshers. To bring the final year students out of the phobia of job hunting, training and placement programs are conducted by the Sarvottam college.

In the training and placement program conducted by the Sarvottam college, everyone get chance to earn a job by showing their potential and caliber. Many multinational and other concerns do participate in this talent hunt to identify the talent and qualified professionals before they complete their education. These programs are conducted so that maximum of the students get a job. The special Training and Placement departments is managed by the Sarvottam college, this department gives training to the final year students to how to face an interview. How to deal with the interviewer, how to respond on the questions of the the interview.

They do work as an intermediate between the students and the corporate world. Their main duty is to train the students for facing interview as well as to invite the different companies to the collage for the interview. In an interview, no body wants to check your qualification knowledge but they do want to know about the skills, knowledge and other positive features of the candidate. Company do train the students after hiring them.

There is a proper placement procedure. First of all a short presentation is given to the candidates. Basically this presentation includes about the information of the selection procedure, organization, candidate's scope of improvement within the organization if selected. After that the qualification criteria is set, the company who is interviewing firstly filter the candidates by the qualification criteria. The qualified students will go through an written test. This test includes a simple aptitude test related to the post for which company is hiring. After that a filtering round is conducted as group discussion. The purpose of this round is to check communication skill. After above said process the candidate will go through a technical ability test. This technical interview is a individual round. The final round of the interview is formal interview in which the stability and the confidence of the candidate is estimated. This focus on overall personality of the person. Once the candidate is selected, he will given an offer letter and company's executives will guide about other punctuality if needed. 

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