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Soft skinned Hybrid Robot
Jul 27,2015 by Admin
Soft skinned Hybrid Robot
A soft skinned hybrid robot has raised enough eyeballs all over the world
Before jumping to the point, let’s have some discussion over robots. What actually they are? Why they are made and what are their applications? Well, robots are the electro-mechanic machines that perform the operations over programming done for it. The programming done in various robots can vary according to the purpose of making them.
Why robots are made?
Usually, these are made in such situation where human can’t perform any operation or cannot perform at faster rates. These can be used to know how bad the natural disaster is or predicts the present situations during earthquake etc. These are also used in the military operations and for surveillance as a spy robot too.
Types of robots
Robots are of various types and they are used for various purposes such as industrial robots used to handle industrial works like robotic arms used for welding, household robots used for cleaning the house of home security systems, medical and military robots used for surgeries and military purposes.           Hardware materials used
 In few past decades, the hardware materials used were robots are all hard and rigid. These robots were very fast and speedy those were used in only a hard situation and were responsible for huge damages too. Keeping these situations in mind, scientists has decided to do new inventions to overcome such difficulties and started working on inventing robots having a soft material used like elastics, starfish and worm. Later, these inventions were successful and soft material robots were proved damage resistant device. But, there has one more limitations that are their slow speeds. So, scientists were moved towards making hybrid robots. Finally, the dreams comes true, hybrid robots have listed themselves in the list of powerful new technology based robots. These are the 3D- printed robots that are hard inside and its outer part is very soft in touch. The hardware parts of these robots have a body part of a soft material and it has also three legs too. The components they consist are a battery, butane cells, oxygen cartridge, compressor and oxygen chamber. Using these components, they can perform 30 consecutive jumps without stopping for a second. These robots are tremendous and powerful jumper and it can jump at the height of 2.5. These are the powerful invention for this internet age generation and can be used for rescue operations in the scenario of natural disasters. With this invention, scientists have word that these inventions will helps to do every task 2 times faster incorporating with human beings.

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