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Scope of Electronics Engineer In India:
Feb 11,2015 by Admin
Scope of Electronics Engineer In India:

A career in electronic engineering offers a wide range of career paths. Custom design, assembly and manufacture of electronic products relate to the main responsibilities. It has a job role that relies on scientific knowledge of electronic effects and behaviour to create systems, components or devices. Major components that are included are capacitors, transistors, diodes, resistors etc.

This discipline has gained importance for distant learning also and distant learning courses are blooming, bringing in the low entry level requirement of a 2 year degree pass out to be an engineering technician.
Application Of Electronics Engineer:

There are various applications of electronics engineer such as satellite and radio communication, robotics, nanotechnology, mobile phones, medical instruments, defence and acoustics.

Electronics is a career chosen by many of the graduates with the growth of high technology industries and the need for constantly updated technology provides more employment opportunities than any other engineering disciplines and provides challenging and rewarding careers.

If you are always fascinated towards the power signals of the telecom industry or the radio frequency attracts you then it's sure you are more likely to enter electronic engineering. This discipline of engineering is the most popular engineering courses in India, mostly offered in all the top B tech colleges of India. The national capital Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) is the hub for such engineering course to offer to aspiring candidates.
Why Choose Career as an Electronics Engineer?

Electronic science engineering deals with the nature and behaviour of different electrons. All such electronic equipments used in industries, hospitals, entertainment industry, the media are indented from the electronic engineers whose work is to design, maintain, manufacture and supervise it. These engineers need to work with microprocessors, telecom systems like radio, televisions and telephones and gives more practical solutions through it.

This discipline is a labor intensive discipline so it offers the notable amount of job openings to the talented and well qualified employees. Electronic science engineers are quickly absorbed in the private sector companies like Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia and in public sector companies like MTNL, BSNL, All India Radio, Air Post and Telegraph department and many other related industries and companies. These job offers are made to students who pass out from electronic engineering colleges with extension marks and qualities.
Scope Of Electronics Engineers:

To aim for such big brand companies, students need to have a B tech or B.E degree to pursue career as an electronic science engineer. They need to clear the AMIE- Associate Membership Examination of the Institute Engineers in Electronics or a diploma in this discipline. Those who need to enter the education and teaching field in regards to this electronic engineering discipline should must have M.E or degree. Doing MBA after the completion of an engineering degree will lead the candidate for a managerial position in the electronics field and jobs.

Completion of four year bachelor's degree will lead to becoming an engineering technologist or an Applied Engineer. Finding such distant learning colleges for such discipline in Delhi is not a tiresome task as there are many Delhi engineering colleges offering distance learning electronic engineering degrees. It is estimated that the job opportunities for such engineering discipline increases by 17 percent every year and the growth rate is higher every year. Therefore the requirement of an associate degree to start working on a technician profile leads to professionals to go in for electronics engineering distant learning degree. The growth projections in this sector are catching the attention of working people from other technology domain to enter in this discipline of engineering.
Top Electronics Companies In India:
Samtel Group
Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL)
Sterlite Technologies Ltd
Moser Baer India Limited
Centum Electronics
O.E.N India
Midas Communication Technologies
Aar em Electronics

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