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Scholarship Program for Engineering Students
Aug 20,2015 by Admin
Scholarship Program for Engineering Students
An engineering is one of the best degree in current time period as compared to all other professional degree. this is a little expensive as well. At past time only financially fulfill students are eligible to get enrolled in engineering degree but as time changed some poor student whose parents are not much affluent to pay their engineering course fee also have opportunity to become a successful engineer.

There are number of government and private organization conducted some scholarship exam for those talented student who didn't get the proper platform to show their talent or knowledge.

There is a short list of some popular scholarship program


This Scholarships program is conducted for the SC/ST and physically challenged students who is applying for Full time regular course in engineering in the following stream electrical, mechanical, Instrumentation, computer science, electronics.


This scholarship is rewarded to the engineering students who have confirmed admission in regular engineering course and the gross income of the family from all sources should be less then 1,00,000. the reward is Rs 2000/- per month for more detail visit at www.iocl.com


This scholarship is provides to those engineering students interested in pursuing M.Tech in Construction Technology & Management at IIT Delhi and Madras. A stipend of 9000/-per month for the 40 engineering graduates for the 24- month course .those who successfully completed the course will be considered for absorption in regular employment in the company.Website: www.lntecc.com


Students from any part of India are eligible for Sophia scholarship. Sophia Scholarships will be awarded to first year students of Bachelors degree in Engineering or Medicine. Scholarship amount is Rs 100000 for engineering and Rs 150000 for medical student. For full detail visit at www.sarvottam.org/

 There are more then 25 plus scholarship program. You can check all these list in other engineering scholarships from various engineering organizations and we are also publish rest of scholarship program in the blog page of Sarvottam Institute of Technology and Management .

Engineering may be an costly imagination, but with the help of these scholarship programs you can fulfill you dreams, and make a beautiful future.

1 comment on “Scholarship Program for Engineering Students”
Nishant Srivastava
Nishant Srivastava says:
Sep 18,2015
Nyc...dats d great news for the students having financial problems...


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