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Ragging in Engineering College
Aug 17,2015 by Admin
Ragging in Engineering College
In all professional courses engineering degree is most rewarding in all aspects. Engineering is one of the greatest and most rewarding professions in the world.

It is a gratifying career to accept challenging responsibilities which at the end of the day gives job fulfillment to an individual. An engineering student has more creative judgmental in solving complex and intriguing problems. A professional engineering degree is the passport for rapid career progress and the first step towards specialization in any field.

Once science group students complete their high school in India, the race for obtaining a seat in one of the top engineering colleges starts. Every college wants to ensure that they have the brightest minds in their campus. In all shining feature almost every engineering college have a black point that is ragging.

Some year before ragging in engineering college was a very common. Every year all fresher students face this activity, by their senior. At that time ragging in engineering colleges was just a fun activity between junior and senior to make a familiar bond. At that time ragging means generate confidence in new comers, by which they can survive in new atmosphere. Because all of us know that when student pass out from school level, they entered in campus life which is totally new for them and that is the time they are in adulthood. So many responsibilities take place on his solders, at that time they are confused and worried to decide how to live in hostel without parents.

After all this hectic and tensed process their seniors came to them ask to do fun activity all these divert their mind and new student feel comfortable.

Over all on that time ragging in engineering college is a process if making useful contacts and increasing confidence in student.

But now in current time rapid growing society everything is upgraded, so how can over young future engineers be clam, they are also increased the level of ragging in engineering colleges. Now in India ragging in engineering colleges take a form of sexual abuse, some embarrassing acts which are physical and mental torture to the juniors. Some time ragging would be suicide cases in many engineering college.

That’s why some top engineering colleges start anti ragging council in which if any senior found to involve in any type of harassment ragging, he will terminated or blacklisted from university immediately. It is extremely essential now a day’s put together their campuses a ragging free engineering college so that students go to institution without any fear and nervousness.

Ragging means build a familiar environment between two different aged guys so don’t make it as a banned activity just for a vulgar enjoyment.

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