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Fresher Party in Engineering college
Aug 18,2015 by Admin
Fresher Party in Engineering college
Fresher party means the welcome party for newcomers in engineering and management colleges by their immediate seniors means second year students. This party is also known as interaction day between junior and senior to get familiarized. fresher party is a very old ritual in Indian engineering colleges. after a funny and serious ragging seniors gave this party to their juniors to show their love and support for coming years.

Every college gave a unique name to their fresher party, I remember my college fresher party name was "Pearl" that party was on of the memorable evening of my life. in this party we invited our all respected teachers,instructors, and some of chief guest.

The senior batch students welcome to their juniors, all guest and teachers. The party evening starts with lighting of the lamp and garlanding the sculpture of Goddess Saraswati by glorious guests. director of college and chief guest delivered welcome speech, greeted students on the eve of interaction day and congratulated the students organizing the wonderful preparation.

This fantastic event got an hopeful start with lightening of lamp by honorable persons of the evening then 2nd year students perform Ganesh Vandana or saraswati vandana. The most Interesting part of the fresher party is that seniors decided a particular dress code for junior, and all first year students came to dressed up same, it shows the unity and equality in evening. proper dressed newcomers introduced himself on stage during ramp walk, some of them share experience from first to same day. some of explain their nature through poem. this sort and formal introduction make a strong foundation between junior and senior.

Whole evening electrifying students energy through dance music, motivational and funny drama act performed by them. After all this, we conduct a contest for our junior this is named as Mr. and miss fresher. This contest include number of little contest acts like ramp pass, speech act, truncated quiz act and some time could be singing and dancing, at the final winners are rewarded as a Mr. and Miss Fresher with a pleasant gift and crown.

when all stage activity over then all junior and senior go for delightful meal including sweets which is also the part of fresher party.

At the end we got everyone speak to each other very frankly and feel as like they are here from years. After this chill out evening we all are again move to next morning start struggle for current semester exams but everyone knows that these beautiful memories never go from mind.

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